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Набор ваз MUUTO Balance


Халлгейр Хомстведт




170 € / 11900 Р


Поднос 280 x 130 мм
Высокая ваза 150 x 55 мм
Узкая ваза 130 x 40 мм
Круглая ваза 120 x 38 мм

Описание товара

BALANCE vases turn classic design into new perspectives with the clever use of magnets set into the base of the vases. The magnets allow the sculpted vases to balance confidently on top of the accompanying tray to make a bold silhouette that is striking with or without the addition of flowers. The vases are cast in coloured clay, while the tray is made from powder coated steel and can be arranged as desired to offer a personalised look to suit each setting.